It is safe to say that many people around the world have imagined themselves lapping up the luxury of an enchanting Irish Castle. In fact, we are sure that many of your very own guests have dreamed of staying in a luxurious Irish property whilst on their cruise vacation. We can all see ourselves as Kings and Queens of a legendary Castle or Lords and Ladies of a grand Manor House. This does not need to be merely a fantasy and you need to look no further than your dedicated Tour Agent. We operate a number of 5* overland programs which take in all that Ireland is known for combined with the service and hospitality of a top luxury hotel. To begin this enchanting trip guests will disembark the ship in one port, travel through Ireland and stay in one of our superb properties before re-joining their ship in another of our wonderful ports.  

It is without a doubt that Ireland is well known for its 40 shades of green, its welcoming character or “céad mile fáilte” (pronounced kaeyd meela fawlcha, meaning 100 thousand welcomes) as some say and history that dates back to 10,500 BC. The country has suffered through terrible times and resulted in many diasporas around the world but there is something that always brings them back and is sure to welcome them with open arms – the people, the music and the land.  

Throughout an overland experience in our wonderful country, one cannot help but fall in love with the warmth that exudes from the Irish people and the hospitality that is delivered throughout these outstanding, world-class properties.  

We also offer extended overland tours for guests who choose to fly to our little island and we can tailor these to each group’s needs.