Meet The Team


Combined experience and expertise make Excursions Ireland a unique company to work for. The team works closely together to create an easy transition from office preparations to pier operations to the guest experience. With reliable pier and guide coordination staff, the team has the ability to ensure an unforgettable experience for each guest.

Get To Know Us

Picture of Niamh

Niamh McCarthy

Managing Director

Niamh is the Managing Director at Excursions Ireland. With almost 30 years of experience in the Irish tourism industry and 4 years working in the onboard shore excursions department, firstly at NCL and then as a manager at Crystal Cruises, Niamh is the ideal ambassador for Ireland as a cruise destination.

Amongst other contributions, Niamh is regularly part of the team responsible for tour guide selection and training and her dedication to the success of Irish tourism is far-reaching. Niamh has been recognised in this industry by means of nominations for Ulster Bank Small Business Leader of the year and the prestigious Image Business Awards CEO of the year (twice).

A founder member of Cruise Ireland and ever present at all international Cruise trade shows and events, Niamh is synonymous with cruise in Ireland and her dedication and commitment to the industry is inspiring to all.


Carmel Doyle

Office Manager

Carmel is our longest serving member of staff. Responsible for the general management of the office together with our entire financial department, Carmel is a vital member of the Excursions Ireland Team.

With over 40 years’ experience working in a variety of industries, her wealth of knowledge is an asset to the day to day operations of a busy, high pressured environment.

Carmel not only takes her skills and experience to the office, she is also an essential participant in the pier-side operations.


Julie Lalor

Head of Business and Employee Relations

Julie has been working in outgoing and incoming tourism in Ireland since 2005.

In addition to her working experience Julie has travelled extensively throughout the world soaking up the cultures and tourism of South & North America, Australia and New Zealand amongst others and spending some time living in London, working for the BBC. She has brought the experience and knowledge that she garnered during this time to her role as Head of Business and Employee Relations at Excursions Ireland.

A completed Failte Ireland Foundation Guiding Course has provided Julie with a detailed insight into touring throughout the Island of Ireland.


Caoimhe Armstrong

Director of Land Operations

Caoimhe began working for Excursions Ireland in June 2013 and has since progressed to her current position as Director of Land Operations. She has extensive knowledge of Ireland thanks to her experience in the inbound tour industry dating back to 1999, as well as a BA in Tourism. Additionally, Caoimhe holds a Diploma in Event Management, and a Prince2 Project Management qualification which help broaden her skills.

With the recent growth in Turnarounds in Ireland Caoimhe holds responsibility for ensuring the smooth operation of all logistics relating to the embark and debark of cruising guests. In addition to the Turnaround Department, Caoimhe is also responsible for the Special Events and Overland Tour sections of operations.

She is a keen traveller and has had the opportunity to travel many countries around the world, giving her strong insight into the expectations of a tourist.

Lynn Henderson | Head of Business & Product Development

Lynn Henderson

Head of Business & Product Development

Lynn has been working within Irish tourism since 2005 specialising in conference, incentive and sporting events ensuring guests to Ireland enjoy a uniquely traditional Irish experience. Prior to that, she was travelling the World absorbing different cultures with the world famous Irish dance show, “Michael Flatleys Lord of the Dance”. Her experience and expertise give her a unique perspective on tourism in Ireland and looking after guests that are visiting Ireland. She holds a diploma in Event Management with PR and is currently our Head of Business & Product Development. As such Lynn meets our suppliers, new and old to develop our business with emphasis on supporting responsible tourism for the company and its suppliers.

Kerrie Wade

Operations Manager

Kerrie re-joined Excursions Ireland in March 2023 and has developed her role in the team into that of Operations & Product Development Manager. Kerrie previously worked in Operations from 2018-2021, starting as an intern while in college and then progressing to Account Manager before moving on in 2021 for a role within the tech sector.

Upon Kerrie’s return to the company her strengths naturally led her to the role of Operations Manager in which she oversees the processes of the operations team and manages productivity. Kerrie has a B.Sc in Business and Management and graduated in 2019. She most recently completed a certificate in Digital Technologies and Project Management with Griffith College Dublin.


Kellie Caffrey

Senior Accounts Manager

Kellie joined Excursions Ireland in November 2022 to take on the role of Accounts Manager.

She has spent over 20 years working across several sectors and brings a vast amount of experience and a wealth of knowledge from her time spent working in a variety of Irish companies.

Kellie loves to travel and travelled the world on her own soaking up the culture and heritage of other countries before settling back in Ireland where she now has her own part in others’ experiences of travelling.


Ciara O’Hara

Accounts Manager
– Ports and Piers

Ciara joined Excursions Ireland’s finance department in March 2017. She has over 30 years commercial experience across several industry sectors including working for Aer Lingus in Dublin and London, logistics, retail and her own payroll business.

She brings vast experience to the role and is a stickler for detail. Ciara is also an avid traveller having visited many countries around the world including the remote islands of the Comoros and Madagascar amongst others


Lisa Smith

Account Manager

Lisa joined the Excursions Ireland team in July 2021, she has a BA Hons Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Lisa has a number of years hotel experience in Front Office and Reservations before moving over to the Tourism sector working 10 years in local tourism.

Lisa enjoys travelling when the opportunity arises, walking and has a very keen interest in the Cruise industry.

As account manager, Lisa supports the team will all Ireland Logistics and a high level of customer service when dealing with clients to ensure visiting guests will have an unforgettable experience all over the island.


Ben Steenkamp

Account Manager

Ben was born and raised in The Kalahari region of South Africa. He obtained an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management from the Institue for Hospitality Training in Cape Town and began working in a variety of hotels in South Africa before deciding to spread his wings and indeed his flare for hospitality. Those wings brought him to Ireland where he worked as Guest Relations Manager at the Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny from 2007-2009.

To further his experience both professionally and personally Ben moved from land to sea and spent 11 years with Princess Cruises. Ben has visited 84 countries at the last count and returned to Ireland in May 2022 when he joined the Excursions Ireland team.

Needless to say, travel is a major interest for Ben but he also has a keen interest in art and nature.


Pablo Barrero

Account Manager

Pablo has a Master-Degree in ‘Travel & Tourism Services Management’ from Morón University (Buenos Aires-Argentina) with over 15-year experience in the industry, having worked in 3 countries (Argentina; USA & Ireland) in the OTA, travel agency, tour operator, car rental, hostel, hotel, and tours-excursions side of the business bringing great traveling and service experience.

He has worked within B2B/B2C environment driving sales internationally/locally, growth, expanding revenue, managing contracts & processing FIT/corporate/group bookings and winning new target customers, partners & markets. He is a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic individual.

Shauna Cribben

Shauna Cribben

Operations Executive

Shauna originally joined Excursions Ireland in 2017 starting as an intern whilst studying in college. She re-joined the company in 2022 as a part time operations executive. Shauna has a B.Sc in Retail and Services Management from Dublin Technology University and graduated in 2019.

Shauna has a strong background in customer service having worked in retail and customer service roles for various companies.

She also a keen interest in travel and learning about new cultures having spent the latter half of 2019 travelling through southeast Asia.

Lauren Naughton

Lauren Naughton

Operations Executive

Lauren joined Excursions Ireland in February 2023. Coming from a strong background in hospitality & the travel industry over the last 5 years, having worked in travel agencies and as Cabin Crew for Ryanair.

Lauren is passionate about travel and exploring new places and cultures. The travel and tourism industry allows her spontaneous and adventurous personality to shine and bring her passions to life.

Ger Deegan

Ger Deegan

Account Manager

Ger joined the Excursions Ireland team in April 2023. Having previously worked in the aviation industry for over 7 years with Ryanair, he decided it was time for a change in career and wanted to try his hand in the Tourism industry.

He obtained a BA in Journalism and Broadcasting from the University of Wolverhampton and continues to write weekly for the BBC.

Working in aviation allowed him to become a keen traveller and he has a passion for exploring new countries and cultures, but is equally as enthusiastic about sharing his love of Ireland to all who visit! He also has a soft spot for Italy and travels back whenever he can.

In his free time Ger can be found attending an array of live sporting events around the world and as an animal lover can be found hiking with his two border collies and enjoying a keen interest in all things equine.

Abbie Ledden

Abbie Ledden

Account Manager

Abbie joined the Excursions Ireland team in April 2022 as an Operations Intern as part of her degree. Abbie has now completed her undergraduate degree in Technological University Dublin and has achieved a BSc in Business and Management Studies.

As a full time member of the team, Abbie now assists with the Turnaround side of operations along with managing private arrangements and handling ad hoc ship calls. She also has extensive experience working in a fast-paced customer service role having worked in retail for over 6 years.

Abbie’s childhood was spent travelling for various dance competitions, but she hopes to rekindle her love of travelling now that she has graduated, exploring the world and the variety of cultures it possesses.


Aisling Buckley

Account Manager

Aisling joined Excursions Ireland as an Intern as part of her degree in Business & Management TU Dublin in April 2022.

Upon the successful completion of her degree, Aisling took time to travel parts of SE Asia and experience different cultures before returning to Excursions Ireland as a full-time member of the team in a new role as Operations Executive. Aisling supports the Operations team alongside her own handling of ad hoc ship calls.

Aisling has a keen interest in continuing to explore the world, seeing new cultures, and trying new food of course.

Siobhan O'Flanagan

Siobhán O’Flanagan

Operations Executive

Siobhán joined Excursions Ireland in August 2023 as an Operations Executive. She has extensive experience working in fast-paced customer service and management roles having worked in customer service for over 8 years and brings this experience to the hospitality and tourism industry.

In her personal life Siobhán has a passion for traveling and learning new cultures around the world. She travelled South East Asia in 2023 and had a brief experience of working and living in Tenerife in the Summer of 2019.

Siobhan O'Flanagan

Joe McAuley

Operations Executive

Joe joined the Excursions Ireland team in April 2023 as an Operations Intern as part of his degree in Business & Management in TU Dublin. Joe is currently working with the team part time as he finishes his degree. Having spent over 5 years in many different industries including retail and hospitality, Joe has garnered important experience in a fast paced every changing environment. Joe has a keen interest in travel enjoyed a cruise around The Caribbean in March 2024. He plans to travel more over the next few years and see the world.