We’re Different… Because We Care


Excursions Ireland has established itself as the leading provider of ground services to international cruise lines visiting Ireland.

With extensive shore and onboard ship experience, our team is in a position to cater to each and every need our client requires, taking in a broad spectrum: from small to large, minimal to extravagant; your priority is our priority. Using high end coaches and guides, Excursions Ireland can provide a comprehensive variety of full and half day tours at all ports throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Ireland is quickly becoming a turnaround location for cruise ships with many ships deciding to commence and end their cruises in ports around the island. Excursions Ireland are equipped and experienced in making this transition as easy as possible for each and every guest to ensure that their experience is memorable from start to finish.

Focusing on Irelands spectacular visitor locations, we look to leave a unique memory with each and every guest allowing them to experience the best of what the country has to offer. Our commitment and strong relationships with locations throughout the island ensure that we get the best out of all our suppliers and also giving a reliable and confident service to each of our clients. Constant research and customer feedback allows us to guarantee that all guests enjoy the island of Ireland and what we have to offer as a cruise destination.

Cruise Ship entering port